At Dreamwarez, our mission is to create Technological tools, that empower people, free them to express their greatest potential and get out of the way by just working, invisible-out of sight. And as a next step in achieving our vision we are excited to launch “Dreams Enterprise” a game changer in the market of enterprise software.

While creating Dreams we had three core values in mind.


The ability to express your greatest potential without anything getting in your way. One of the most common hindrance for using any software is the hardware. At Dreamwarez we believe ‘Software has the potential to break the barriers and limitations of hardware.’ Most of the times your current hardware that is PC, laptop or phone is not powerful enough for running the latest software or most of its features.

Dreams is based on latest web standards and therefore can run on almost all of your hardware that has a modern web browser and decent internet connection. Furthermore as Dreams is cloud powered, it will give you best performance on your current hardware.


We all want a software that lasts forever and stays up to date.  As our team constantly introduces new features and refines old ones, Dreams auto updates itself and there is no complicated versioning system, the version of Dreams you are using is always the latest one. You also don't have to pay extra to upgrade to latest version.


Dreams is designed with beauty and functionality in mind. It is super easy to use, and you don't need specialised certified people to operate Dreams. Anyone can easily learn how to use Dreams . It is Beautiful and pleasant to use. The User Experience is designed such that even long work sessions are a joy, however unlike others we don't make use of “Attention Grabbing” techniques and algorithms to keep you hooked onto the software. We make sure the software and parts of its interface show up only when required and get out of the way once your work is done.